About Us

This website is the escalation point of many years of trading on the Steam market place.

As experienced traders, we feel that the Steam market place is suffocating under the many limits and restrictions imposed on players. Naturally, these limits and restrictions have been instated by Valve to minimize fraud but at the same time they also minimize trade. With skinsmob.com we seek to remedy these problems and open up the steam market place to more players. It is important to note that skinsmob.com is not a standalone trading hub that competes with the Steam market place. Instead it is an an extension of the Steam market place with more payment options, faster deliveries, and fewer restrictions. All items sold on skinsmob.com originate from the Steam market place or via trusted suppliers. We simply aquire them and make them more accessible to players worldwide.

We are incorporated as Bridgestreet LTD.

Bridgestreet LTD currently has around 20 employees operating number of different websites. Our aim is to establish and perpetuate a strong brand name for affordable digital products and virtual assistance services in different MMO Games. A name that stands for style, quality and personal service.

Departments and contacts

Customer Service: support@skinsmob.com

Phone number: +16312291057

Postal Address:
Bridgestreet LTD
150 Minories, London EC3N 1LS, United Kingdom